Demand Energy Newsletter – December 19, 2017

Time to Build Rate Structures for the Evolving Grid

Why analog rates won’t work in the digital age

In real estate, it’s location, location, location. In today’s evolving digital power grid,
location certainly matters – but so does time. 


The cost to deliver power to specific locations throughout the day varies with time. Regulators, however, have been reluctant to allow this marginal cost differential to be incorporated into rates that residential and commercial/ industrial customers pay. But thanks to the availability of digital technologies like smart meters and other Internet-enabled devices; intelligent software enabling multiple operating modes for distributed energy resources, such as energy storage; and more sophisticated distribution platforms, time-and-location based pricing is now possible.

We know, because Demand Energy customers have leveraged these tools to take advantage of retail supply rates that are location- AND time-based, creating greater efficiency, resiliency, and savings.

Read the complete article on rate structures

In the News …

Enel signs 85 MW of Contract Service Agreements with PG&E

Congratulations to our colleagues at Enel for their exciting award from PG&E… Under the awarded Capacity Storage Agreements, Enel will build three energy storage projects with an overall installed capacity of 85 MW/340 MWh to increase the reliability of Pacific Gas and Electric’s grid. These three projects will expand the Group’s energy storage portfolio, which includes stand-alone battery storage systems, as well as projects combining storage with both thermal and renewable facilities.

Read the full announcement.

Demand Energy sponsors and speaks at GTM US Energy Storage Summit, along with Enel Group sister companies, EnerNOC and eMotorWerks

We’re just back from the GTM US Energy Storage Summit where folks from Enel, Demand Energy, e-MotorWerks, and EnerNOC metwith customers and partners supporting the growth of this exciting industry. Doug Staker, our VP of Global Business Development, took part in a 1-on-1 “Case Study with Demand Energy” with GTM’s Energy Storage Analyst, Brett Simon. Also presenting from the Enel Group family was Preston Roper, Chief Marketing & Operating Officer of eMotorWerks, who spoke on the Impact of EVs: From Mobile Storage to Second Life Batteries.

Demand Energy video interview with Microgrid Knowledge’s editor Elisa Wood

At the Microgrid Knowledge conference in November, our VP of Global Business Development, Doug Staker, sat down with Elisa Wood to explain how the cost competitiveness and resiliency of solar + storage are improving.

Energy Storage Networks editor Michelle Froese gets an inside look at our Marcus Garvey solar + storage microgrid project

Michelle was on site with Demand Energy at NYC’s Marcus Garvey Apartments taking a peek inside NYC’s first solar + storage microgrid project with Nick Lombardi, Director of Business Development.

If you missed our Marcus Garvey microgrid webinar with Resilient Power, a Project of Clean Energy Group, watch it here

This webinar featured presentations by L+M Development Partners, Demand Energy and NYCEEC on the project’s economic drivers, design and implementation issues, and financing.

Upcoming Events

At DistribuTECH, Jan 23-25, Doug Staker will be presenting: Stakeholder Engagement for Energy Transformation of Cities on Wednesday, January 24, 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM. As cities commit to aggressive energy and sustainability plans, strategic stakeholder engagement is essential for breakthrough results to seemingly unattainable goals on unrealistic timelines.

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