Transmission & Distribution Utilities

Improve the efficiencies of the grid and ancillary services with battery agnostic storage solutions.

Our complete turnkey solution (HW, SW and services) assures clear accountability by tying together the upfront modeling, design and simulation, with the installation and operational monitoring, control, and financial optimization required to deploy storage + DER solutions at speed and scale.

Transmission and distribution utilities stand to benefit from energy storage based on more efficient utilization of the existing T&D infrastructure. I2R losses are minimized with the ability to transmit, distribute and store power at the edge during periods of low demand. C&I customers are more likely to participate in demand response programs, and reduce power consumption even more during DR events, thereby postponing the need for upgrades to add capacity.

With greater control over demand, changes like more widespread adoption of electric vehicles and growth in distributed generation become less threatening to grid stability. Distributed energy storage systems can even be operated to actually enhance grid stability by providing ancillary services, such as frequency and voltage support, and power factor correction.

The ability of Demand Energy’s DEN.OS platform to make demand more manageable by creating either dispatchable load™ or generation, depending upon what is more beneficial at the time. This offers numerous benefits on both sides of the meter, giving intelligent distributed energy storage the potential to improve the way electricity is generated, transmitted, distributed and consumed.

The DEN.OS platform enables the real-time integration of rich data streams and the aggregation of disparate assets across an ecosystem. DE’s ability to run analytics against this aggregated data will facilitate the alignment of grid level supply with demand and rationalize the value of locational based storage and distributed energy resource (DER) solutions that will drive the next generation of transactional services in the future virtual power plant (VPP) based Distribution grid.

Intelligent Energy Storage™ with Demand Energy’s DEN.OS helps keep the grid stable as generation from intermittent sources of renewable energy increases, and improves the effectiveness of demand response programs.