Optimized Integration of Solar & Other Distributed Generation (DG)

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DE has developed a “best-in-class” Distributed Energy Network Optimization System (“DEN.OS”) that maximizes the economic returns of behind the meter (“BTM”) storage systems alone, or in combination with distributed generation (“DG”). The DEN.OS platform was architected to facilitate the design, integration and operation of energy assets/services, to deliver the highest financial returns across the broadest range of energy storage applications, utility rate structures and economic use cases today and in the future.

The ability of intelligent energy storage to shape, firm and time-shift intermittent resources like solar power has been anticipated for years, and is now economically viable with the decreasing costs of battery storage. With Demand Energy’s DEN.OS that economic viability can now be paired with the intelligence and big data analytics needed to create significant economic value. Distributed energy storage at the edge of the grid creates a “dispatchable load™” that can be used to absorb excess generation from solar and wind, just as importantly, it can generate power when the sun is blocked or the wind dies down, enabling ever more significant deployment of renewable generation on the grid. In fact, locating storage at the load centers, maximizes the benefits for power producers, utilities and their customers by resulting in better utilization of T&D resources, increased utilization of efficient base load generation, improved reliability and quality, and lower overall costs.  DE’s ability to run analytics against this aggregated data will help align grid level supply with demand and rationalize the value of locational based storage/distributed energy resource (“DER”) solutions that will drive the next generation of transactional services in the future virtual power plant (“VPP”) based Distribution grid.

The DEN.OS fully supports all forms of distributed energy storage—from the utility-scale storage near generating plants or along the transmission lines to enterprise-scale storage at the edge of the grid. By integrating the functions needed to manage energy storage, and then aggregating that storage into ”grid–scale” capacity, Joule.System is able to tap the full potential of distributed renewable resources anywhere on the grid.

For generation at commercial and industrial sites, Demand Energy’s direct-connect solar/storage system allows for the PV energy to be integrated directly with the battery system, acting as a buffer, and then utilizing the Power Conversion System to follow the connected load of the building, or time-shift the recharge/generation cycles to achieve the highest economic value. Capturing excess generation to meet demand as needed, including at night, can create a “net-zero” energy environment.

Key Benefits:

Bringing solar and storage together increases the overall value of the investment
Meet Renewable Portfolio Standards with fewer challenges as wind and solar generation increases
The swing in demand between traditional peaks and valleys becomes less extreme
Use intelligent distributed energy storage to provide frequency and voltage support, and power factor correction
Avoid costly upgrades to the T&D infrastructure as total demand grows
Reduce startups and ramping rates in variable generation and peaker plants, resulting in reduced equipment wear, fuel use and emissions

Who Benefits:

  • Independent Power Producers
  • Building Owners with Solar & Wind Generation
  • Utility-scale Wind & Solar Plants
  • Lenders Financing Renewables Projects
  • Traditional GT&D Utilities
  • Electricity Coops & Community Power Systems
  • ISOs and RTOs
  • Regulators & Agencies
  • Grid-tied Microgrid Operators

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