Microgrids & Virtual Power Plants

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DE has developed a “best-in-class” Distributed Energy Network Optimization System (“DEN.OS”) that maximizes the economic returns of behind the meter (“BTM”) storage systems alone, or in combination with distributed generation (“DG”). The DEN.OS platform was architected to facilitate the design, integration and operation of energy assets/services, to deliver the highest financial returns across the broadest range of energy storage applications, utility rate structures and economic use cases today and in the future.

DE provides a complete turnkey solution (HW, SW and services) that assures clear accountability by tying together the upfront modeling, design and simulation, with the installation and operational monitoring, control, and financial optimization required to deploy storage + DER solutions at speed and scale for both both grid-tied and independent micro-grids and virtual power plants (VPPs).

Micro-grids and VPPs benefit considerably from the ability to “level the load” by alternately storing and generating energy as needed. Diesel generators no longer need to power up and down to regulate load, conserving both fuel and wear and tear. And every Watt of power generated whenever the sun shines and the wind blows can be put to use independently of the current demand.

When tied to the grid, intelligent energy storage enables organizations to take full advantage of incentive electricity rates, while avoiding high demand charges and time-of-use fees. And having sufficient capacity makes it possible to keep mission-critical systems running during grid disturbances and brief outages without firing up any generators.

In an independent micro-grid or VPP configuration, intelligent energy storage makes optimal use of all sources of generation. Intermittent solar, wind or fuel cells can become the “primary” sources of power, with diesel generators being used only when necessary. The result is an energy ecosystem that is more dependable, more stable and more affordable.

Key Benefits:

Minimize wear and tear on systems by reducing on/off cycles and ramping rates
Add wind and solar generation without compromising power quality and reliability
Achieve a better balance of capital and operational expenditures to keep total costs as low as possible
Making maximum use of intermittent sources of energy minimizes use of fossil fuels
Balances load and generation resources to enable integration of multiple types of renewables with traditional forms of generation
Maintains voltage and frequency in complex microgrids with intelligent generation and dynamic, rules-based resource management

Who Benefits:

  • Island Resorts & Communities
  • Solar and Wind Farms
  • Backup Power Systems
  • Remote Medical Facilities
  • Waste Water Treatment Facilities

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