Commercial & Industrial Buildings

Reduce electricity expenses by transforming how customers acquire, store, and use energy in buildings.

Intelligent Energy Storage™ and management with Demand Energy’s DEN.OS™ gives facility managers a new level of control over both the cost and reliability of electrical power.

Onsite intelligent energy storage enables organizations to level the load by taking advantage of incentive electricity rates, while avoiding high demand charges and time-of-use fees. The ability to generate electricity on demand also keeps mission-critical systems running during power outages. Onsite storage makes it easier to add onsite generation from solar and wind by making it possible to accommodate both peak load and peak production.

No Commercial or Industrial (C&I) facility is too large or too small to benefit from Demand Energy’s DEN.OS Platform and the benefits afforded by an intelligent energy storage and management system. The investment usually pays for itself in 3 to 5 years. The payback can be even shorter by participating in the local utility’s demand response programs—an opportunity that energy storage makes possible by eliminating the potential adverse impact on business operations.

DEN.OS leverages the rich data stream we capture in real-time from the dynamic building loads while assessing and automatically adapting to new rate tariffs, incentive programs and grid services revenue opportunities.  The DEN.OS platform was architected to facilitate the design, integration and operation of energy assets/services, to deliver the highest financial returns across the broadest range of energy storage applications, utility rate structures and economic use cases today and in the future.