Doug Staker

Vice President of Global Business Development

Doug leads Demand Energy’s Business Development group and is responsible for establishing new markets and emerging business cases that leverage the power of energy storage – solving real world grid challenges and supporting expanding renewable energy integration across the grid.

Doug co-founded Demand Energy and is an energy professional who has worked globally for 28 years. He is a pioneer in smart grid technologies with a focus on smart metering and intelligent energy storage. Prior to joining Demand Energy, Doug was a Vice President at Itron (a global leader in smart meter technology) where he held various executive positions and helped Itron to become a world leader in smart grid systems.

Doug’s experience in developing emerging energy technology solutions has helped utilities world-wide enhance their business systems and operational efficiencies. For the past eight years, Doug has worked extensively on how energy storage can help with the expansion of renewable energy systems and develop power grids for the future.