Maximize the economic benefits of energy storage on both sides of the meter.

Whether we are aggregating grid scale load management systems across a growing portfolio of buildings in New York City, integrating solar and storage for a transmission grid deferral for a Montana utility, or operating a resilient distributed generation and storage microgrid for a medical equipment manufacturer in Costa Rica; Demand Energy helps customers and partners achieve compelling financial returns over the life of their energy storage asset. We accomplish this by tying together the upfront modeling, design and simulation work with the operational monitoring and control (O&M) and financial optimization.

We architected our DEN.OS platform as an end-to-end solution that delivers differentiating value across the entire project life cycle. And our platform supports both Utility and Behind the Meter (BTM) projects and Microgrids, revolutionizing the way electricity is generated and consumed.

For commercial and industrial customers, integrating energy storage lowers utility bills, improves power quality and reliability, decreases carbon footprints, simplifies the integration of onsite renewable solar and wind generation, and adds electric vehicle charging stations. In effect, Intelligent Energy Storage gives any organization control over its energy expense and optimizes the returns on  investments in energy autonomy.


For utilities, the intelligent integration, aggregation and optimization of energy storage and other Distributed Energy Resources (DER’s) makes it possible to integrate more distributed generation from intermittent renewable sources, mitigate peaks and valleys in demand curves, reduce stress on the transmission and distribution infrastructure, and accommodate growth in electric vehicles — all while enhancing the grid’s stability.

Our DEN.OS™ software platform aggregates and controls DERs, optimizing multiple value streams from energy storage and microgrids for utilities and C&I users brings intelligence to energy storage, distributed generation and optimizes Distributed Energy Resources (DERs)


Our best-in-class Distributed Energy Network Optimization System (DEN.OS) maximizes the economic returns of behind the meter (BTM) storage systems alone, or in combination with distributed generation (DG). The DEN.OS platform facilitates the design, integration and operation of energy assets/services, and delivers the highest financial returns across the broadest range of storage applications, utility rate structures and economic use cases today and in the future.  

Cloud-based platform

As a fault tolerant, cloud-based platform, DEN.OS gives users the analytics and control they need to continuously optimize how they purchase, generate and consume electricity. Renewables become less intermittent and truly dispatchable. Microgrids and virtual power plants become smarter, more efficient and more cost-effective. Smart buildings become fully intelligent, which helps raise the IQ of the smart grid. DEN.OS transforms the promising future of intelligent and autonomous energy management a practical reality today.